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Augusto Nogueira

Harm reduction is supported around the world because of its effectiveness and humane approach to drug use. In the Asia-Pacific Region, Australia has a deserved reputation for innovation and leadership on drug policy which is why the establishment of a national harm reduction organisation and the influence it can have on the region’s approach to drug use is so important and welcomed.

I am the founder member and current President of ARTM (Association of Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers of Macau). For the last 18 years, I had been consistently working to improve the conditions of the drug users to access the treatment and in Harm Reduction advocacy.

I bring to these position years of experiences in local & international development for rehabilitation and prevention of substances use, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support.

In Macau I have pioneered the Needle Syringes Programs in Macau, two Therapeutic Communities, one Methadone Follow up Program department and the Be Cool Prevention Project.

I am a member of the Narcotics Control Commission of the Macau Government, The Youth Drug Commission of Macau Government, AIDS Prevention and Control Commission of Macau Government and recently to the Commission of the Working group for the execution and follow up of the new drug law of the Macau Government.

My milestone is advocating for the necessity to change the Drug Policy Law to allow the implementation of the needle syringe programs and the ban of the law that punish the possession of paraphernalia. Over the years, I have been implementing a multi service approach, either in the treatment, harm reduction and prevention, to bring to Macau different approaches and methods

Recently I was the Winner of the 2013 Business Award for Outstanding Role as a NGO, from the Macau Business Magazine and in May 2015 I was awarded the Medal of Merit of the Portuguese Communities by the Portuguese Government, for my achievements in Macau.

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