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Harm Reduction Australia (HRA) is a national organisation for individuals across Australia to join together in their commitment to reducing the health, social and economic harms potentially associated with drug use. Making your voice heard is crucial if we are to achieve more humane, effective and balanced drug policies in Australia and beyond. To help join now and show your support.


Latest News

Medical cannabis – the Australian experience

The lesson from Australia is this: if policy makers expect doctors to do all the heavy lifting, they must be supported. If patients who need medical cannabis are being blocked, the system must be changed. If a government legalises medical cannabis, they have committed themselves to making it available. And they should be held to account. […]

Drug test plan faces new Senate battle

Labor MP Emma McBride reflected on her experience with a harm-minimisation approach in her work as a mental health pharmacist at Wyong Hospital. “If the government is genuine in its claim to help those burdened by dependence, a good first step would be properly funding units like this one and not attacking welfare recipients,” she said. […]

Drug addiction is a tragedy. But we could stop so many people dying

Tackling deaths related to drugs isn’t easy to do. But we do know what works. Nobody wants to be dependent on drugs, but I know it can happen to anyone. I’ve seen the most improbable comebacks and the unluckiest of tragedies. I also know that everyone can get better with the right support. […]

Norway to give free heroin to 400 addicts: report

The Aftenposten newspaper reported on Thursday evening that Health Minister Bent Høie had asked the Norwegian Directorate of Health to draw up a list of which addicts were most suitable to receive so-called “heroin-assisted treatment”, and to assess the economic consequences of developing a heroin treatment program. […]