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Nuno Jorge

Nuno M. R. Jorge is president of OFAP (Organization of the Families of Asia and the Pacific).

President Jorge, born in Macau, from a traditional Macanese Family, is a chartered architect, Past President 2007-2009 of the Architects Association of Macau, and registered accountant, received his Diploma in Architecture from the Higher School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, where he also studied Business Organization and Management, with major in Marketing, at the Higher Institute of New Professions. He also has studies and interests in Modern Maths, Computers as well as Heritage Preservation, and is an alumni of the East West Center of the University of Hawaii, in Honolulu.

From his interests, he holds memberships at the Lisbon Geographical Society, Society of Fine Arts and The Literary Circle of Lisbon, among others.

Engaging in extensive volunteer work, he dedicated much of his efforts to the Red Cross. His contributions are evidenced by his past role as Chairman of the Macau Red Cross from 1991 to 2001, and Chairman Emeritus from then onwards; with past membership on the board of the Chinese Red Cross Society, and finally a position as the Vice President of the Portuguese Red Cross Society.

He has also been a Rotarian since 1975, having served as Governor of Rotary International District 345 in 1985-86, participating and chairing many international committees.

Recognition was bestowed to him by the PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Heritage Award of Recognition for his work in the Fort and Pousada of Sao Tiago. He also received a Medal of Professional Merit and a Medal of Valor (both from Macau), as well as several honors from Korea, Russia and Portugal, including the Honor Plaque from the Portuguese Red Cross and recently the Medal of Altruism from the Government of Macau.

Among his diverse activities and businesses, President Nuno Jorge is also the President-Elect (2013-2015) of IFNGO – The International Federation of Non-Government Organization for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse (having been President in the Biennia of 2007-2009) and is, currently as well, the President of Skal International Macau-Association of Professionals of Tourism, as well.

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