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One Response to Its time to face the music on Australia’s flawed drug policy

  1. Tyler January 3, 2017 at 4:14 pm #

    Trial Triage – its amusing that the government put out (21) positions across the state of Victoria for (AOD) Emergency Department Liaison but only a small proportion of those positions functioned in the true sense, the rest of those positions went to beef up security or towards after-hours manager trying to take on such role with grossly reduced eft. Prior to that, leading agency Turning Point conducted a study in participation with the Wangaratta region to establish evidence that people present to (Emergency Departments) with drug & alcohol problems which international research shows this figure can swing between 20-30% pending on geographical (location). Unfortunately the positions were a government splash for cash typical syndrome that has created waste. Thankfully N.S.W who should be regarded as the lead state for research in (AOD) some 18 months ago put out guidlines plus a government review document. But unless all come on board and there are wide uniform sweeping changes in the Medical system for capturing data effectively, doctors being having mandatory training in association with (SUD) Substance Use Disorder’s and Psychiatry the same this theory of a triage specific area is in some hospitals in Melbourne but isnt across the board everywhere. Therefore its a wonderfull thought but thats it in itself – a whole lot of work created for not much residual gain.

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