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Trudeau talks tough on cannabis legalisation

Crucially, Trudeau stressed his preference for legalisation, as opposed to decriminalisation, which he feels does not do enough to shut down the criminal market and to prevent children from consuming cannabis. […]

Police key to battling ice scourge in Northern Territory and Australia

Ted Noffs Foundation’s Matt Noffs said many people blamed police officers for exacerbating problems with ice, but frustrated police officers also wanted change. He said the most powerful tool for a police officer was “discretion”. According to Mr Noffs, supervised drug consumption rooms where drug users could access clean equipment, were “without a shadow of a doubt” effective. […]

Launch of Harm Reduction Australia

Australia’s first national harm reduction organisation for individuals committed to reducing the health, social and economic harms potentially associated with drug use – Harm Reduction Australia (HRA) – was launched at Parliament House in Canberra. […]