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Doing drugs differently

Does Australia have the courage to changes drug laws in ways that will actually save lives? […]

A regulated cannabis market for the UK

The most comprehensive framework for how a regulated cannabis market could work in the UK has been published by an independent panel of experts set up by the Liberal Democrats. […]

Voluntary drug-testing ‘a priority’ to save lives, say MPs

Pressure is mounting on state governments to allow drug-testing trials of illicit substances at public events after a federal parliamentary group declared they were a “matter of priority”.
On Wednesday, experts from Australia, New Zealand and the US addressed cross-party MPs on the latest strategies for dealing with illicit drugs. The event culminated in a draft declaration, which included support for drug checking (also known as pill testing) and moving away from “failed punitive enforcement”. […]

‘A laughing stock’: doctors to continue pill testing despite threat of arrest

Two doctors planning to test illicit drugs at Sydney music festivals have vowed to continue their campaign despite threats of arrest and condemnation from NSW Premier Mike Baird. Dr David Caldicott, a Canberra-based emergency medicine specialist, said the trial was a common sense precaution and the government’s resistance to pill testing had become “a laughing stock overseas”. […]

Drug decriminalisation helps minimise harm

This week federal parliamentarians will discuss with world experts ways to minimise harm caused by illicit drugs. At a national drug summit, legislators will also be reminded of the sobering reality that Australians consume illegal drugs at concerning levels. […]

Outflanking the war on drugs?

In April, the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) will adopt a consensus position on drug control, but few are expecting a shake-up to the current, conservative, global framework.
That’s why some reformers are turning to the Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for the future. […]

End polarising stand-off and trial pill testing

No one wants another summer of deaths at music festivals. Prominent doctors are convinced that pill testing will make a difference, so convinced they are prepared to break the law to conduct pill-testing trials. […]

Greens leader backs decriminalisation of ice

News Corp reports Federal leader Richard Di Natale and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters will tell a national drug summit that ice addicts should be able to use the drug without facing police action. […]

Kenya: drug users need doctors not policemen

The recent increase in drug use in Kenya, coupled with the rising HIV epidemic among key populations, calls for a critical review of how drug using populations are managed. […]

Dying to dance

If the Government thinks that people are going to stop taking drugs, they’re kidding themselves.” […]

When addiction has a white face

When crack hit America in the mid-1980s, for African-Americans, to borrow from Ta-Nehisi Coates, civilization fell. […]

Why Australia needs drug consumption rooms

While the benefits of incarceration can be difficult to identify, Sydney’s Medically Supervised Injecting Centre produces larger financial savings than it costs to run. […]

New highs for global drug policy

One issue close to Richard Branson’s heart that has seen changes unimaginable just a few years ago is global drug policy. […]