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One Response to David Heilpern Letter to Swinburne University – Roadside Drug Testing

  1. Reginald Johnston October 13, 2020 at 3:14 am #

    Excellent piece of work by David. This law does not have any scope for false positives, no lower limit for presence, nowhere else in the world prosecutes for cannabis readings below 15ng, for most countries its a minimum of 20ng and in Victoria impairment isn’t necessary for a successful prosecution either.
    There is no consideration of the possibility of readings being due to the effects of passive smoking and as a result people are prosecuted for readings as low as 3ng-and after the police kept the swab in the persons mouth for 47 minutes thus also ignoring basic human rights of not being subject to inhumane and degrading treatment.
    The reasoning seems to be that if someone is around people smoking cannabis and ingest smoke passively, if you are swabbed on the roadside and it shows up in ANY amount, you are guilty of drug driving.
    It is extremely worrying that such draconian laws have been passed with now scope for appeal or the ‘reasonable excuse’ consideration-strict liability offences have somehow been passed under the guise of safety.
    Keep up the good work David, how many people have been criminalized as a result of all this?

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