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Harm Reduction Australia (HRA) is a national organisation for individuals across Australia to join together in their commitment to reducing the health, social and economic harms potentially associated with drug use. Making your voice heard is crucial if we are to achieve more humane, effective and balanced drug policies in Australia and beyond. To help join now and show your support.


Latest News

The Left/Right Challenge To The Failed “War On Drugs”

The argument to criminalize “street drugs,” and severely punish their sellers and users, is largely based on the assumption that a “tough on crime” approach will reduce addiction and abuse of these dangerous substances. Criminalizing drug use consistently fails to address the health problems of addiction, and drives the drug trade underground where crime, violence and death flourish. […]

US: It’s time to kick our addiction to the war on drugs

There’s a better way. It’s called harm reduction. This approach focuses on reducing the negative effects of drug use rather than on punishing people who use drugs in an often-futile attempt to make them stop. Harm reduction options like supervised injection facilities or drug consumption rooms have successfully prevented fatal overdoses and connected people to treatment in cities such as Vancouver, Sydney, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Zurich; there are 74 official drug consumption facilities in Europe alone. […]