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Will Tregoning

Australia’s harm minimization strategy has been a great success story of international drug policy. We’ve made great progress towards living well in this world with drugs. Yet the pragmatic principle of reducing harm is the exception rather than the norm in public discourse about drugs. Australia needs a strong coalition of voices advocating fair and pragmatic drug policy, so that we can build on the successes of the past. That’s why I support Harm Reduction Australia.

Will is a founder and director of Unharm, a campaigning organisation for harm reduction and drug law. Will came to drug law reform from a background in drug and alcohol program evaluation, social policy research and communications consultancy. He completed a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours and a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney before beginning a career as a research and evaluation consultant to Australian government departments and agencies. Will’s professional experience made him aware of true scale, patterns and demographics of illicit drug consumption across Australia, and the lack of evidence of the effectiveness of the enforcement programs that receive the bulk of the Australian illicit drug budget. Since founding Unharm in 2014 he’s made regular media appearances calling for fair and pragmatic drug policy to reduce drug-related harm.

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